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28-Jan-2018 09:16

Recent Omega watches usually carry their serial number on the case back or on one of the shoulders and are laser-etched very small digits.Older Omega watches may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, which may require a jeweller or independent watch maker to open the case back.more Modern watches have the laser engraved usually on the back of your watch.More than likely you will need an eyeglass or loupe to see them, as it can be small.The non-chronograph f300s must have been produced in the tens of thousands and are often seen on a popular auction site today.The Omega version of these movements differ slightly from standard ESA 9162, 91 movements in having copper plated plates (see image on left) throughout the movement; all other watch manufacturers kept the ESA-supplied nickel plated plates (see image on right).Once assembled, the movements are "put on the shelf" for later installation in the cases.

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They were designed by Max Hetzel, who had previously worked for Bulova; he was also responsible for the Accutron 214.No one takes the time to remove them from the bins in order; i.e., first in, first out.Note that this selection process might permit a bridge to sit in a bin for years before being used.Date your watch by using our table of Omega Serial Numbers which relate to the year of their manufacture.

Do you want a surprise gift for that special someone, then feel free to use our Omega Serial number table to find the codes for their year of birth. Older Omega watches may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, requiring a quality jewellery or watch repairer to open it. Until recently when Omega started to put the serial number on the lugs, the serial number is usually found on the movement so it requires that the caseback be opened or the movement taken out..

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